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“I’m so proud of you.”

“Way to go!”

“Good job!”

Most of us, who are parents, have probably used these words or similar ones to encourage positive behaviors and praise our children. We know telling our children that we are proud of them, and their accomplishments, bolsters their self esteem and lets them know we love them. It’s positive reinforcement that works whether our children are toddlers, preschoolers, middle graders, teenagers, or any other age. I praised my daughter, truthfully, whenever I could.

Last month, before the release of my debut book The Nun and the Narc, my adult daughter turned the positive reinforcement back on me. Here’s what she wrote to me in an email.

OOXXOO I love you, Mommy! I have the best parents in the world & I’m so proud of you for always writing and working through the different phases (northwest press, Christian magazines, freelance etc etc.) Here I was voted most likely to be published/become an author… and you’re the one who’s done it!

I can’t wait to tell you ‘I told you so’ when The Nun and the Narc becomes a movie, or made-for TV movie.

Love, J…

Wow! You’ve got to love it when your child thinks that highly of you and commits it to writing! It makes everything else pale in comparison. It’s a Mother’s Day gift every mom wants to get.

Have you ever had your children praise you? How did it make you feel?