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On May 1st, the Brenda Novak On-line Auction for Diabetes Research  starts. As a new author, I’m contributing a donation and I hope you’ll stop by and offer a bid for my e-book  The Nun and the Narc, which is being offered in a trio package along with The Unconquerable Callie and The Fog.

I’m also offering a critique of 40 pages of an inspirational romance. So, if you have a manuscript you’d like to polish for a contest, agent, or editor drop by and put in a bid.

The online auction has raised a cumulative total of $1.6 million and the creators of the auction hope that this year they will surpass $2 million to help all those with diabetes. When I heard of this auction, it didn’t take me any time to decide to participate, since this disease has affected members of my family, too. I hope you’ll come by and put in a bid for an item, even if it’s not mine.