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You may wonder what a publishing logo is doing  my blog post today. It’s to announce that I have a book contract! My inspirational novel The Nun and the Narc  has a new home. No more will it languish  in the desk drawer.

 The Nun and the Narc has been picked up by Soul Mate Publishing. I got the news just before Thanksgiving while I was sitting in the eye doctor’s office waiting for a check on the laser surgery I had the week before. Through my grossly dilated eyes I spotted an email on my Catherine Castle account. When I opened it I found the offer from editor Debbie Gilbert at Soul Mate. I whooped and announced to the strangers sitting in the waiting room with me that I was going to be a published author. After they got over being startled, they were suitably impressed, at least I think they were. It’s hard to see faces clearly when your pupils are the size of a shooter marble. The doctor called me in right then and as I headed for the exam room door I unceremoniously blurted out, “I’m going to be a published author!” He was impressed, even though he doesn’t read romance. LOL. I held the news about the offer back until the contract negotiations were through and the contract was signed, sealed and delivered. Talk about a hard job keeping one’s mouth shut!

I’m really excited that my “baby” has found a home and am looking forward to the publishing process. Now I need to get to work on some new stuff!

Oh, and by the way, the same day I got the contract offer, my husband and I also received one for the book we’ve co-authored. We had twice as much to be thankful for this November!

I’ll be blogging about the whole process. I hope you’ll stop back and experience it with me.

Have you received THE CALL? Where were you when it happened?