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As I sit here today under yet another 90+ degree temperature watching my garden dry up, except for the weeds which seem to be the only thing thriving with my efforts to keep things well watered, I’m longing for the lush landscapes of the gardens we visited in May. So, on that note, here are a few of the many photos we took of Kingwood Center. Kingwood Center is a 47-acre former estate garden open to the public since 1953. There are a variety of gardens within the estate, some which will be featured in a later blog. There are just too many pictures for one blog! I hope you enjoy strolling through the garden as much as I did. If you visit the gardens, wear sturdy walking shoes and don’t forget your camera!

Through the Garden Gates at Kingwood Center Garden in Mansfield, Ohio.

All photos © by D. Hershberger & Catherine Castle