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On Wings of Harmony

Butterflies of the World

All photos © by D. Hershberger

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Cincinnati Parks Butterfly display at Krohn Conservatory. The display, open through July 15, is worth the trip. Outside we could see our area butterflies flitting through the butterfly gardens near the entrance.

black and orange butterfly on Brown-eyed Susans

Butterfly topiary at Krohn Conservatory

Inside in the showroom hundreds of butterflies from six continents flew free, much to the delight of the visitors.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see a blue butterfly flying past. As we entered volunteers gave us bright orange papers imprinted with a flower design to hold out and see if we could get butterflies to land. I wasn’t successful in that endeavor, although my husband, who was standing very still trying to get pictures, had quite a few butterflies land on him.

The showroom was a riot of color, filled with blooms that attract butterflies. As the butterflies soared above me, I twirled in place to take in the sight. I love watching the butterflies in my garden, but this was even better. At home I mostly have small white or yellow butterflies, the occasional black one with a swoop of blue on the tail and the familiar orange and black monarchs. Here turquoise blue, pumpkin orange, black and white striped, red and black striped and polka-dotted wings filled the air and hovered over the flowers. I was in butterfly heaven!

If you’ve never been to a butterfly show, I highly recommend it. There is something magical about these rainbow-colored, fragile creatures fluttering around, lighting on flowers and sometimes people, as we try to catch a glimpse of their beauty.

If you go, it’s hot in the showroom, so wear cool clothes. If they’re brightly colored and you stand still you might just find that you have become a butterfly magnet. According to my mother’s folklore , wherever a butterfly lands on you means you’ll get something new to wear. So all you single girls, who want that engagement ring, might want to hold out the left ring finger … just in case Mom was right.