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Snowball bush in my garden
photo by Catherine Hershberger

At my house, garden season is in full swing. From bug killing (see my earlier post about Garden Wars), to spring cleaning; to mulching; to planting; the garden is taking every spare minute that blogging doesn’t. I’ve come to the conclusion, as I do every year, that I’m a garden junkie. If you are a gardener, are you a junkie too? Take this quick quiz to find out your junkie status.

You might be a garden junkie if…

  1. A picture of a garden … any garden … makes you gasp in ecstasy.
  2. You love the smell of newly laid mulch.
  3. You subscribe to every garden magazine you find.
  4. You carefully replant every earthworm you accidently dig up.
  5. Horse sh**t isn’t a curse word to you, but a source of free fertilizer.
  6. You plan your vacations around spring cleaning, summer blooms, fall blooms, and winter cleanup.
  7. You know the exact number and species of every tree, bush, and flower in your garden, and most of the weeds too.
  8. You always buy more plants than you can plant in one day.
  9. You know the garden center employees by name.
  10. You have more pictures of your garden in your smart phone than family members.

If you answered yes to number 1 you are definitely a beginning gardener. Don’t despair, just keep on digging and you’ll eventually reach junkie status. If you answered yes to numbers 1-5, you are well on your way to joining the elite. If you said yes to 1-9 then you are an avid gardener.

And if you said yes to all 10, statements, you, my friend, are a garden junkie.

Welcome to the club!